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Free fantasy voxel game

Meor (Pre-Alpha) — Meor for short —  is a fantasy sandbox game with a custom game engine that morphs a physics-based environment with circular edges and materials. Each item in the environment can communicate with each other using the voxel graphics processing unit. When you think of a voxel or sandbox setting, you probably think of Minecraft.

Meor runs smoother than Minecraft and interactions between various materials are much more natural. However, the biggest drawback of this independent game is it exclusively runs on a graphics card, enabling you to monitor all the voxels in your immediate vicinity at the same time.

What is the Meor game?

Meor is a voxel game that is still in its early stages of development. Its entire universe is a grid, and each part of the grid is referred to as a voxel. Material, density, and sunlight are only a few of the many properties of voxels. Your goal is to traverse the globe, from the tallest peak to the darkest dungeon.

The engine for the game was designed using voxel GPU technology. This ensures that the game's mechanics, A.I. system, and all other simulations will be running on your PC's graphics card. It will allow several objects to communicate with you and with one another. While the game is still in pre-alpha production, it already demonstrates the engine's incredible capabilities 

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to play in Meor's lovely sandbox world. The way the world changes when you dig and create in it is very impressive, and it has a far more organic feel than Minecraft's block-by-block approach. Water spills over the environment as it sinks into puddles, lava illuminates darkened caverns, and you can combine materials in novel ways.

New-age voxel game

Meor still has a long way to go before it can be considered a completely functional title, but as it stands, Meor's core game engine is very impressive and a lot of fun to experiment with. It’s a suitable game for users who grew up playing Minecraft, and have a wealth of experience playing games. Any gamer will appreciate the smoother, physics-based gameplay and the lush pre-rendered environment of Meor. 


  • Runs exclusively in PC GPU
  • Lush physics based environment
  • Smooth rendering of graphics
  • Serene fantasy environment


  • In pre-alpha stage

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Meor (Pre-Alpha) for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V varies-with-devices
  • 5
  • (2)
  • Security Status

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